Philippe Simonneau de Stefano

By Ludovic di Orio & The Band

Philippe Simonneau De Stefano,

home and garden designer and decorator,

passionate about botanical arrangements,

has created a special atmosphere

at his 1930s home, by combining poetry,

sensitivity and magic.

Drawn to tales and legends,

tradition and modernity, he deftly

mixes vintage pieces and contemporary design,

and says he “loves to dream and make others dream”.

Every item has been carefully selected,

displayed to its best advantage.

His home is a fountain of youth,

a soothing and comfortable place to live...

Inside, each object,

each room tells a story, which he narrates

with the ardour of a true enthusiast.

In the garden, the rarest of plant varieties

flourish among old fruit trees, an intricate blend of

delicatesse and emotion.

This is the work of Philippe, a bohemian artist,

for whom “nature is the source of all inspiration”.